Pressure Sensor With Display

Product Code XNHPT200-G
Description Pressure Sensor / Industrial Type
Connection CE
Parameter HPT200-G
Pressure Range Gage /Absolute / Negative pressure optional.
Overload 200% F.S.
Burst Pressure 500% F.S.
Accuracy ≤ ±0.5%F.S , ≤ ±0.25%F.S, ≤ ±0.1%F.S (by customize)
(Linearity Hysteresis Including non-lin., rep. and hys.
Repeatability) Optional
Long Stability 0.1%F.S/Year
Working Temp -40℃~85℃/150℃ optional
Compensation Temp 0℃....50℃(P≤35KPa) or -10℃...70℃(P>35KPa)
Storage Temp -40℃~105℃
Medium Compatible Compatible with 316L Stainless Steel
Electronic Wire 2 Wires , 3 Wires
Output 4~20mA , 0~5V,1~5V
Power Supply 12~30Vdc , 12~30Vdc
Insulate resistance >100M Ω @100V
Zero Temp. Drift 0.02%FS/℃(≤35kPa), 0.01%FS/℃(>35kPa)
FS Temp. Drift 0.03%FS/℃(≤35kPa), 0.02%FS/℃(>35kPa)
Local display 4 -1/2 bits LED/LCD local display
LED indicator Specification Dimension: 43*38*17.5 mm; Non-linear: ±0.02%F.S.; Display scope: -9999 to +9999 Sampling rate 10 times / sec.; Working temp range: -30 to +80℃ Overload display ‘ERR’; Backlight suitable for dark environment application.
Electronic connection DIN Hirschmann Terminal Box 4 Pins and IP65.
Mechanical vibration ±20g
Pressure connect port 1/4"NPT male 1/2"NPT Female G1/2"; G1/4"male optional. (By Customized)
IP rating IP65
Response time ≤10ms
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HPT200-G Pressure Sensor With Display is Industrial Pressure Transmitter with high quality piezoresistive pressure sensor, it can read value locally, easy for use.

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