Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter

Connection CE
Description Pressure Sensor / Differential Pressure
Product Code XN HPT703
Parameter HPT703
Pressure Range 0-250Pa-25kPa
Safe overload 200% F.S.
Burst Pressure 400% F.S.
Accuracy(Linearity hysteresis repeatability) 1.0%F.S; 0.5%F.S; 0.25%F.S optional
Long Time Stability ≤0.2%F.S/Year
Working Temp 18℃~+65℃
Storage Temp -54℃~+82℃
Temperature compensation 5℃~65℃
Zero Point Temp Drift <0.06%F.S/℃
Full Scale Temp Drift <0.06%F.S/℃
Zero Error ≤±0.5%F.S
Total Error ≤±0.75%F.S
Medium compatible Air or non-corrosive gas
Output 2 Wires(RS485) 3 Wires(0-5,0-10,0.5-4.5V)
Power Supply 12-30 VDC
Electronic connection PG-9 or PG-13.5 cable locking device or 1/2" wire opening
Pressure connect port 3/16" gas mouth with 1/4" hose
Response time <1ms
Adjustment Support local zero and span calibration.
Pressure Type Differential pressure (Gage pressure)
Standard Approving
Weight 347.5g
More Information

HPT703 Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter is Provides an accurate solution for low pressure sensing with ranges available from 0-250pa to 0-25Kpa. With variable capacitance sensing technology and argon arc welded sensitive components,it's advanced circuit linearity and temperature compensation technology makes better transmitter performance

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